• U can use a brown sharpie paintbrush marker to stain your stock XR footpads a dark cherry, mocha color.


    Side note: that green color turned out to be a large leaf stuck between the tire and fender.

  • Doubled up layers of transparent Gorilla tape can be used as a durable, removable protective laminate on most of the smooth finished surfaces of your Onewheel.

  • The C&R Fender Bag has two padded fabric liners that divide the interior space into 3 equal compartments. One of those liners can be cut on the sides and laid flat creating a new larger compartment that perfectly fits a VnR-friendly CarvePower slide charger and two batteries! Snug fit but works well enough. Use the charger strap to further secure the fender bag if you intend to go single track with it. Looks mighty presentable too.



    yes i need to vacuum.

  • @NotSure looking good :)
    How you liking the ride style on the XR and the Vega tyre?

  • @Lia Thx! In 4 days, I've totaled 96 miles. Vega rides like a cinder block compared to the Pint. Still figuring out tire pressure. Seems to leak pretty good. Maybe i need to tighten the valve stem. I have armor-dilloz i need to add too.

    Reflective side rails look great with the transparent fender. That Sharpie looks gooood too right? Way better in the sun! It's like I'm riding a coffee table!


  • Floss regularly

  • @NotSure -- Onewheel daily!

  • Google Earth is your friend. I find it incredibly reliable in measuring and forecasting trip distances.

    You can also learn about an area before ever going there to avoid costly navigation errors or discover new routes/destinations.


  • @NotSure Google maps/earth is a lifesaver for me, use it to plot all my longer trips to see if there are any new places to try. Also helps makes sure I don't overdo a trip, not that I ever come close to exceeding the range of the VnR these days.

    I've also been using this footpath map to scout out lesser known spots that google doesn't pick up on. It puts google maps and various other surveyed maps side by side to see historic routes. Only in the UK but I assume you've got various US alternatives.

  • Here’s my pro tip. Digital pressure gauge.

  • @HanahsDax That's it?! lol

    He rides single track over mountains n stuff...

  • @NotSure Hahaha! Yeah, pressure is key. Want more range, speed and tire life, pump it up. Want a soft, cushy ride on gnarly terrain, drop it like it’s hot. I rode my V1 with a Vega all winter at 9 psi for maximum surface contact. I could watch my battery percentage drain with every wheel rotation.

    Digital gauges provide a much more accurate reading than analog type. It’s fun to play around with different pressures and it certainly changes the ride feel. I think I picked up mine for around $10.

  • @NotSure , THANK YOU for posting that spectacular video by @HanahsDax ! What great inspiration! Such lovely scenery ... incredible riding, indeed.


  • Add that Armor Dilloz and your leak will go away. I agree, the stock Vega is a brick compared to the Pint tire. Float on.

  • This is my glove. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


    See @Lia !! I can make stuff too! The headlamp swivels forward a bit. That's right! Like Iron man!

  • @Senior-Coffee said in PRO TIPS! ADD YOUR OWN SAGE ADVICE.:

    Add that Armor Dilloz and your leak will go away. I agree, the stock Vega is a brick compared to the Pint tire. Float on.

    I put that shit on everything!
    352b71bc-4c69-4cd8-92e9-f18a06cc641e-cornflakes n dilloz.png

  • @NotSure that oughta stick to your ribs


    Armor Dilloz

    Question for the group: I purchased an 8oz bottle of Armor-Dilloz Red to use on my XR Vega. The Vega was new in Dec 2020 (direct from FM) -- so I think it was pre-treated with Slime, right? If so, would you add the entire 8oz bottle of A-D Red ... or just 4oz?


  • @HorsePlay
    It's pretreated with green slime. If you haven't ever pulled it off .. I would add ~1/4 of the bottle and experience the change first. Give the wheel some good rotations by lifting up the board with hands and pressuring sensors with palm. Let the centrifugal force do it's job before fully re-pumping up your tire. Depending the PSI you ride you might want to add more after test ride or not.
    Just my two cents.

    Oh, there's a QR code on the bottle of Armor-Dilloz Red. You might wanna check those instructions too.

  • @HorsePlay -- If ever you let the board sit for some days without riding, the tire additives pool at the bottom, and in the first ride afterward you may wonder why it seems to wobble in that first mile -- my experience.

  • @HorsePlay Whole thing! I added it all and i've not yet come to regret it. Rolls over anything, plugged up all the leaks on that Vega. Probably the valve stem as well lol.

    I am riding with a cushy 90% my rated PSI on mostly hilly paved surfaces and occasional beach sand for 12+ miles.

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