Where is the pushback on the XR?

  • I have had a Pint for over a year and decided to upgrade (?) to the XR. The first time riding it I decided to learn how pushback feels on it, so I put it in Sequoia mode I think (whatever is the slowest mode) and while holding the phone to check the speed I accelerated enough to go past the virtual speed limit imposed by the mode (which is 19km/h).

    I tried this a few times (about 10 or so) and I never felt any pushback when going beyond that 19km/h virtual limit!

    In the Pint a similar test (i.e. setting it up to use the slowest mode) will result in pushback when going past that virtual speed limit — is this not the case for the XR? Am I missing something here?

    I know folks usually mention that pushback in the Pint is much more pronounced but really I haven't felt anything at all


  • @Firehalk i have both. it's less pronounced than the pint for sure, but i have had zero problems noticing it. I prefer the xr to the pint in this respect. When that pint pushes back, it's very jarring by comparison.

  • I have both; got the xr 1st so I'm used to the subtle pushback of the xr, got the pint a couple months later but only ride it when the xr is charging,
    captain morgan pushback on the pint hits at 14.5mph, pretty obvious unmistakable and ends up pissing me off.
    pushback on the xr hits at 16.5, and is easily missed on bumpy surfaces, but it's mild and can be ridden on/past without changing your stance or interfering with technique.
    pint- 360 mi
    xr- 2600mi
    ride skyline/ delerium or custom

  • I'm on the XR for the first season.
    Never experienced any 'top-speed pushback' so far. As I've never intended to reach that far up with any of the riding modes - because of my own odd issues.
    But I've had 'low-battery pushback' once. The day I had my first ride. Deliberately wanted to drain the battery before the very first long charge to balance the cells.

    And this low battery pushback is rather agressive IMO. I don`t have comparision with Pint, but it came forth at more and more lower speeds with repeated attemps to accelerate. Till I was barely rolling on spot with nose up.

    (Yea, the common sense is to NEVER let battery go below 20%.)
    @Firehalk but you can try this on smooth ground just to get the feel and comparision first. Obviously it takes some time + patience to achieve and not so fun to ride having this aim in mind.

    @b0ardski said:

    ... captain morgan pushback on the pint ...

    lol !

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