Pint Bms U1 chip

  • I'm trying to repair a Pint bms, the U1 chip (ina240) blew out and took two traces with it. The damage was from a vnr gone wrong. I removed the battery connector to gain access to remove the chip. The top of the chip is gone and I don't know the chip orientation on the board. Does the dot on the new chip point towards the "indent" on the printed figure on the board? I also plan to replace the two mosfets.pint bms 1.png

  • @lemur Oof, bet that made a big pop. Reversed polarity/ dead short? Hope you can fix it :)

    Match the dot up with where the notch is on the silk screen. Notch and dot almost always indicate the pin below is pin 1 (assuming the notch is on the left side / dot is in the lower left corner). This might help if my explanation is bad.

    I usually for sanity's sake identify ground on the board then verify from a chip schematic where ground is on it too. Measure twice cut once sort of thing but with electronics.

  • @Lia Thank you very much. The P.O. blew this bms and bought a JWFFM chip, another Pint bms to run his Pint for a while, then he decided to part the Pint out, bought a XR and sold me this blown one and the JWFFM chip for $200 cdn. I may be out the cost of the bms, and a few components.

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