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  • I have to ask because I'm sort of scratching my head. A new Pint costs $950 from FM and has free shipping. A used Pint with a couple hundred miles on it sells for $900 plus you also have to pay for shipping which in most cases will be approx. $100.

    Question is, why would you buy a used one in this scenario? Initially it appears cheaper by $50 but it's used possibly abused and with shipping it'll end up costing more than the brand new one. My opinion here. Unless I can get one with 1 mile on it in pristine condition and for around $700, I'm going to get a brand new one.

    Same applies for XR's. Brand new at $1799 and free shipping or buy a used one with 500 miles on it for $1700. There's no way on this green earth that I'd pay that much money when I can get a new one for just $99 dollars more.

    So yeah, no judgements or negativity, just wondering what I'm missing. Thanks for your time.

  • I'd hope the used board included a host of upgrades which were purchased individually either with the original board order or added over time. These add up, right?

    So check those listings. Do they include: Fender? Rail Guards? different style rear foot pad? plates underneath? new bumper? fangs? fins? fishbones? etc.
    If so, price those add-ons and determine if the listed price is reasonable/negotiable.

  • -Firstly.
    True. Most likely the seller wants to get back some of the cost on accessories included as @HorsePlay pointed out. For instance, the eBay offer headlines do not always reflect the listings included. But what ppl do not realize is that they should recognize onewheeling as their lifstyle first(!) before starting to buy up bunchloads of accessories.

    You guys in US are fine off with variety of options.
    Here in Europe we donˈt have ˈfree shippingˈ for whatever unique produced in US. Actually with either XR or Pint it`s vice versa scenario - first you give in your order .. then youˈll wait 1-3 weeks till the vendor stocks in the unit before starting to ship out. If it happens to be a season .. one is rather well off getting a used OW with near pristine condition with the price of new. If ppl want to hop onto it asap.

  • modifiable hardware versions will fetch a higher price too, even with a 1000mi

  • @Sirgu said in Just wondering....:

    You guys in US are fine off with variety of options.
    Here in Europe we donˈt have ˈfree shippingˈ for whatever unique produced in US.

    Yeah but that's a matter of distribution networks. It's a new product and in far off lands, yeah it's gonna be more difficult. I think that's why you might be more inclined to purchase a new onewheel. It's under warranty and guaranteed to work. Accessories take time, but there's little inherent risk. Shipping for you is not a trivial matter so I would agree that a new onewheel is the safest, possibly more prudent choice. However, if i knew the original owner personally or simply well enough to assuage suspicion, I'd probably go for the custom rig, then simply amortize the value of those features across the slightly earlier service date plus cost of shipping later on. Or you could become an international distributor. Then u can Scrooge McDuck that shit! Swim in ur own personal sea of onewheels.

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