Flight fins and flying - board sometimes turns off

  • Anyone been able to get consistent results when jumping with flightfins? I find that about 5% of the time, the board disengages the sensor and I either have to run it out, or I perform a circus ninja roll. Yes, I'm squeezing my legs together, and I think my technique has gotten quite good too. But it happens often enough that I cant progress to larger or faster speed jumps because I don't trust it. I think what is happening is that the fins + extenders flex enough when I do a big jump that the front foot pad sensor disengages. I have confirmed with FM with the diagnostic logs that the board thought my foot left the board, so it did a heelstop. I also have a karvkraft posisensor but it hasnt helped that much in this regard.

    Maybe I just need to replace my front foot pad with a more sensitive sensor?

    How does the onewheel even measure speed when it's in the air? I guess just by the speed of the wheel so that means the angle of the board?


  • @Swinefeaster -- My guess is that in those instances the board's perception of its speed drops below the 2-3mph needed to keep the board "on" and so is acting as if you are intending to dismount. But this is just speculation as I do not make jumps.

  • try to record ur self slow mo if possible. should give u a better idea of what's happening.

  • I'd love to share some personal experience on this but with my footwear (and limited lower body strength) I can't get much distance out of my fins. I've given them a new purpose outside of looks.

    If I were to hazard a guess all your force is being applied upwards to get the board airborne meaning unless the fins are squeezing your feet to the pads then they'll disengage thinking there has been a complete dismount.

    Board measures speed purely on rotations of the wheel (except for rides where GPS is also noted). Unless you manage to perfectly level the board midflight so it stops spinning then having at least 1 pad engaged should keep it going. Maybe some felt pads under the fin where your toes would go will help apply pressure on that section.

  • @Lia thanks i read somewhere that people had some luck with fishbones, so i am considering trying those. on a whim, i tried switching from delirium to mission and i think the problem is greatly improved since it's not as aggressive on the speed changes...

    @NotSure its a valid idea but i dont think it would be easy to capture what is going on, or to get it happen. instead i've been trying to feel whats going on, and i'm pretty sure my foot is leaving the board inside my shoe, like i said due to the flex of the fins...

  • found this on the flightfins site on one of the manuals:


    geez i'll need to focus on that a bit more.

    @Lia not sure if this helps, sounds like you've probably already given up on the fins, but i find getting the board off the ground is a lot easier if you push down first before you jump up to give yourself an extra boost. the crossed hands towards the back of the body like they show in the vids help a lot too.

    i'll have to experiment with some felt too...

    i wish there was a way to electronically have the board detect that i'm off the ground and not turn off. would there be any device that could be devised for this? if so it might sell like hotcakes. cmon you're an electrical guru right? i already have the posisensor, so i'm assuming one could hook something up to it like an altimeter haha.

  • i have a crazy idea. don't even need anything too fancy either. all it would need is a little push switch in the middle of the flight fin. when the foot presses it, it would hook up to the foot pad wire similar to the posisensor, and keep it engaged... i wonder how hard it would be to make that? :)

  • Perhaps one of these mounted to or below the front fin

    Twidec/10Pcs 12mm Momentary Push Button Switch 1/2" Mounting Hole On Off Mini Round Waterproof 5 Color with Pre-soldered Wires PBS-33B-5C-X-2 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08JHVZ8VV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_W032DX459PKF71GPVW8R?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

  • ok i'm getting pretty stoked about this. does anyone know what connectors i need to buy to intercept the foot pad cable? i guess i could just buy another posisensor...

    anyone have the wiring diagram and can give me some pointers on how i could connect it up?

    mounting it should be pretty easy i think. just needs a piece of plastic or such that would go under the fins and mount to the flightfin fender.


  • A circumstance you don't want to miss is how much force it takes to operate that momentary switch. And the travel of switch itself. This PBS-33B-5C-X-2 being a low-end product the datasheet of it doesn't share much. Assuming it`s waterproof .. might turn out to be rather stiffy on day you get it to hand.
    Maybe some 'waterproof hinge lever type momentary switch' if ever on earth there is such thing?
    For integrating to foot pad cable this 'posi-sensor' product seems to already solve half task for you.

  • @Swinefeaster said :

    ... would go under the fins and mount to the flightfin fender.

    Is this really the most tightly compressed spot during the hop?
    (I know nothing about the fins and their usage techniques, tho.)
    I would have figured out right spot for this switch idea somewhere in between of the two screws of toe-side.

    Nevertheless .. be careful with messing the front pad sensors. Hoping you know what you're doing.

  • yeah that's the right place for it. you are supposed to squeeze your feet together when you hop. yeah i'll have to expirement and bit and no i dont really know what im doing. i know some basic soldering stuff. i'm hoping someone can help with the pinouts :). the posi switch doesnt really do everything i need it to. the posi switch converts the two sensors from an AND to an OR. what i need is to add an additional OR to the circuit. not sure if i need any resistors or anything like that.... i might order another posi switch just to get the right connectors since im not sure how easy it will be to source those, especially in low quantities. worst case hopefully i will just fry a foot pad and not the rest of the board.

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