2021 Halloween

  • @Lia so i been looking at my options n the smoke machine may require more planning. i have the power supply to do it, but with a boiling 400w fogger all together, on the fender, between my legs, whilst considering the potential garb, i just imagine things might get a bit busy downstairs, and those cheap chinese 288wh lipo inverters can be a bit temperamental, heavy on the mental... i got something else tho that should make ppl laugh.

  • @NotSure Sounds like a challenge but the outcome is totally worth it! Much more technical than me covering my board in cardboard to look like a pirate ship.

  • I like where it's going, but I now have to give it a decent surface finish, paint and detail it which I'm dreading >.>
    Still rides fine although I now have to be wary of the bow and stern hitting stuff lol.


    Made sure to make it so it can lift off easy, gonna make some latches to hug the bottom of the rail since I don't want it lifting off mid-ride. Has a wooden and 3D printed frame so it's extremely rigid even with Slushy sitting in the middle.

  • @Lia said in 2021 Halloween:

    now have to give it a decent surface finish, paint and detail it which I'm dreading >.>

    i personally would opt for finding an image online, scale it appropriately, maybe some simple post work to clean up any scaled blemishes, print on high dpi and glue it on. like a 3d coloring book.

  • @NotSure Not a bad idea, I'll give it a spray job first and see where it takes me :)

  • @Lia smallest electric party fogger is like 400w. when operating most of them bluntly say do not touch! as in they got hot. as best i can tell, perching it all on a fender will get complicated. i need a power supply to run full bore to power a party fogger and a ducted cooling unit just to keep it concealed under a robe or something. i could try smoke bombs but i won't. Could put it all on a ghouled up wagon, and let that be the smoke fx platform. conceal the wheels. but apparently my nephew is dressing up as a cartoon dog, so... i've made my choice. less theatrical for sure but i think it'll make for some fun.

  • @Lia said in 2021 Halloween:

    Not a bad idea,

    had a moment

    get ur profile pic, trace it, crop the shit out of this, and u got ur life back lol. here the link. https://savyboat.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/HMS-Prince.jpg thers more on there! I went with this cuz it's a big block u can easily crop from.

  • @NotSure What about some dry ice and warm water, that creates loads of mist.
    alt text
    Could keep a thermos with some extra warm water in case it gets too cold to work with the ice too ;)

    Good find on the pic too~!

  • @Lia lol yeah i looked far and wide for a number of solutions. i even looked up making my own. machine is easier in a lot of ways. doesn't really last long outdoors either. i wanna blast around the neighborhood like dragon ball z.

  • @Lia found this on that boat model site.


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