Worried about buying a V1

  • Never heard about these until I saw someone in SF cruising by. Now I feel like I have to have one. The only hesitation is that once I buy one, a V2 is going to come out with a bunch of improvements and now I've got my ass flapping in the wind with an outdated V1. Are there any major changes people see coming out in a V2?

  • @NYC I struggled with the same dilemma and the more I thought about it, the more i realized it's like a laptop. You could wait for V2, but what about when V3 comes out? Either way it's going to be out dated in the not so distant future. You can either start to enjoy riding now, or be stuck in a perpetual wait for the latest and greatest. When I thought about this is when I decided to just take the plunge and order my board. I'm so glad I did!

    One thing about getting the board sooner than later also is that most people haven't seen this yet, and the wow factor from bystanders is super awesome right now. Its a great time to be a onewheel owner!

    The only improvement I have heard of in V2 so far is a guard over the wheel. I'm sure there will be some other things, but I just haven't heard of what they are.

    Something that would be nice in the future would be if FM would allow you to trade your board in on a new version when they come out.

  • I remember the CEO Kyle mentioned in a video a few months ago that they were working on a version 2 in the lab. This is right before I almost bought my board. I asked FM when v2 is coming out because I'd wait a few months if needed and they said they have nothing planned for quite a while with version 2.

    This board hasn't even been out a year from a business that I'm sure isn't profitable yet. You're more than safe. Plus, if there's something amazingly different in v2 I'm sure you'll find that most of us would have no issue buying another one because it's that fun.

  • I struggle to come up with things I would want in a V2. It is still amazing to me the fit, finish, and reliability of V1. This device feels the least like a version 1 of anything I've ever purchased. You would be missing out by waiting.

  • The only ass flapping sounds you will hear if you buy a v1 will come from you riding this board off road in total glee.

    I've been riding for several weeks now and the thing is unlike anything else.

    These only went for sale in January so it's not like you are late to the game. And for most of this time they have been playing catch up which is still happening. This is still the beginning.

    Yeah at some point they will come out with v2 and maybe sooner than later, but I would not expect anything other than incremental component upgrades and maybe a wheel cover when they do. Even then v1 will still have decent resale value and if not then I'll just have to pick some extras up for my family.

    Speaking of v2, a motor with more torque for getting my big butt up off-road hills is the only thing I'd like along with a smaller ultra charger. Battery has never been an issue for me and I ride all the time. Obviously more battery would help people with longer commutes.

  • I was very impressed with the very first version. I rode for maybe 4 months on the first software and thought this thing is better than bacon. I was absolutely 100% satisfied. Then came extreme mode and my board became even more amazing.
    Sure there could be more things added. That will come in time just like extreme mode. And when that time comes, can I be more satisfied than I am already? The product is great and I can guess most of us V1 riders are more than happy with our boards.

  • What does V1 means ? Thank you :+1:

  • @vafreak it means version 1, or the first production version. Kinda like the iPhone 1 remember those? Makes me wonder what a OW 6+ is gonna be like..

    I couldn't stand on the sidelines though I ordered mine three weeks ago.

  • The V1 looks so well built and sturdy and I have seen other products that start that way "cheap out" (metal replaced with plastic, screws replaced with glue etc) as the product matures, as they want to sell more for less and, more specifically, as more accountants get involved, whereas the original build remains revered as something solid.

    Take that with a grain of salt, but that's why I bought V1.

  • With the high price I jumped on the Kickstarter because I figured it would be the only chance I'll get to have one. Glad to have received a solid product that does what they claimed it would.

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