Bespoke OneWheel bags for sale

  • So after a few months of searching for the right bag for my OneWheel and not really being able to find one that ticked all the boxes i decided to try my hand at designing and producing one myself.

    I'm not a bag manufacturer but i have had bags made for filming equipment and i figured why not design something completely bespoke for the OneWheel that will allow me to preserve this expensive bit of kit and allow me to travel with it with ease and peace of mind

    And this is it the One Penny Bag:

    Thanks to those that have already purchased the bag, i'm chuffed to pieces you're all pleased with it. And to anyone else who's interested then do not hesitate in contacting me at



  • very interesting concept! would be amazing if you could post a picture once you get the final product ...

  • Definitely show a photo of the final product, as well as a price if we were to order the same bag through you. This is one of the better designs I've seen for a Onewheel bag.

  • Hi there, of course when it arrives I'll be sure to upload some pics. Here's an example of another bag I had made recently and it will follow in style and quality


    It will be a well constructed bag, designed to protect the one wheel with or without a fender. I've designed it to house the charger plus various other pockets for other items. It will have an elasticated cargo net of sorts to hold bulkier items.

  • Bravo! Good work on the bag!!

  • @MichaelW Thanks Michael

  • @Jimmers75 This looks great.. I would definitely buy

  • @golfer17 Thanks Golfer, appreciate the feedback. Well if there's interest in the design I can get a quote for a multi build which would bring the unit cost down.

  • @Jimmers75: I am also interested in a bag similar to this or to the design by @rue1013 - both interesting concepts.
    i´ll definitly need a bag which it easy to carry around on your back sooner or later...would also appreciate if the bag could cover @njcustom ´s great fenders...looking forward for pictures and prices of some finished bags in the future

  • Looks really nice, I like the ideas
    A backpack is always useful

  • sweet definitely looking forward to see how you design turns out!

  • I am interested too, I commute in the subway and I am looking for a backpack. Just bought and return the Dakine mission backpack which did not fit the board...

  • @Jimmers75 The quality of your finished bag looks impressive. Would you consider designing a Onewheel BACKPACK similar to the pack owned by @rue1013? With roughly 4,500 Onewheel's out there in the world now, I think you would get a lot of buyers, including myself.

  • I like your mock up design as shown. Will be interested even if it costs $$$ as long as the quality of materials is high end for durability.

  • Super interested in this much do you think it'll be?

  • @Code-ster I think the photo was just an example of another bag he's had made by the same company as an example of the quality that the Onewheel bag would have... Which I think is actually a backpack.

    And what I like about it is the flat, padded side that will be against your back. That's one thing that's worried me about some of the other designs, is thinking about the weight of the board pushing into your back when you wore them, but this looks like it would fix that.

  • @thegreck Good point. Although, I realized the photo was purely to demonstrate quality, I didn't look too closely at the illustration where it plainly reads backpack straps.

    @Jimmers75 Thank you for tackling a backpack design. If I may lend some input, there are plenty of backpacks out there that will easily accommodate an entire Onewheel and then some. In other words, there are plenty of HUGE packs on the market to choose from, even if they aren't tailored for, or contoured to the specific shape, of the Onewheel. And while these Goliath packs may get your Onewheel to where it needs to go, there's nothing especially appealing or stylish about cruising around on your Onewheel looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. We need something smaller.

    If you're open to modifying your design, please consider removing the lower portion of the pack (below the wheel), and include some sort of secure zipper or velcro opening at the bottom that would allow the end of the board to hang out, as demonstrated here @rue1013 0_1454722958782_1450497701203-ow-pack-resize-1.jpg Here I modified your illustration to demonstrate. 0_1454723541939_Screenshot_2016-02-05-17-39-41-1.jpg The red lines denote where the bottom of the bag would end and the green line indicates where the end of the Onewheel would stick out at a zippered opening.
    Looks way smaller! Stitch a simple molle system on the upper portion above the wheel and any helmet can be attached.

  • I think with @Code-ster 's design, there would need to be some straps inside that would hook around the deck of the OW to keep it from falling through the bottom of the bag... but agreed that this would be a much more compact version.

  • Any update on your bag? I am would be interested to buy...

  • Hi here are a few pics of the new bag. If you're interested in one let me know. Cheers6_1455442936177_IMG_5111.JPG 5_1455442936177_IMG_5110.JPG 4_1455442936177_IMG_5109.JPG 3_1455442936177_IMG_5108.JPG 2_1455442936177_IMG_5107.JPG 1_1455442936177_IMG_5106.JPG 0_1455442936177_IMG_5105.jpg

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