Bespoke OneWheel bags for sale

  • Really excellent looking OW travel bag. Nice work!

    @cr4p If you have a pack you like already for day use, it's pretty inexpensive & easy to strap your OW onto the outside of an existing pack. Here's the strap I use....

    It's just a few ounces, secure and fairly comfortable too (depending on your backpack obviously) if you're just using it for impromptu short distance hauling.

  • @jeff8v7: thats pretty cool - thanks!

  • I've had loads of questions come in about the bag so here's some answers for anyone else interested in buying one.

    Am I a bag manufacturer?
    No making this bag isn't my main day job - I'm producing bags as the orders come in

    What's the cost?
    In US Dollars - $273. €245 or £190. This excludes shipping and PayPal costs. I do appreciate the feedback that this seems expensive however this is a totally bespoke travel kit bag for the OneWheel, there is nothing else like it on the market that will protect the OneWheel in a similar way.

    Wooah that's expensive! Do you not think it's expensive?
    Expensive is subjective, if this bag allows you travel with your OneWheel wherever and whenever you like, conveniently without it getting damaged, then no this isn't expensive.

    My viewpoint on investment into kit like this is that if you opt for an alternative home made travel option, a cheaper non protective not so robust option, that loosely protects the device with little protection then as with most things in life that come in cheaper the eventual cost is the more expensive option.

    Take this scenario as a relative example; you want to travel with the OneWheel, it's by plane. You've got the worry of the luggage dudes giving next to f*$k all respect for your personals and as they throw the OneWheel about it inevitably gets damaged. You now have a useless 25lb dead weight to have to cart about and you either have to send it back for repairs or worse case scenario it's written off.
    No I can't guarantee the bag won't definitely protect your OneWheel from over overzealous, disrespectful baggage handlers but it will give you a fighting chance of bespoke protection.

    A mate of mine pointed out that he has a similar bag for his clubs when he travels abroad or long distance. He paid a similar price for a quality, robust and padded bag that does what this bag has been designed to do for your OneWheel

    Will the price be coming down at all?
    I am looking at an alternative way to bring the cost down, but that means a trip to China, multiple visits to bag manufacturing companies I'm in touch with but right now I'm stacked with my day job, the visit is on the cards but it will have to wait.

    What's it made of?
    A mix of board for stability and denier ballistic nylon fabric, a hard wearing durable nylon that is durable and water resistant. Modern applications of ballistic nylon include luggage, cave packs, tool belts, police wear, watchstraps, motorcycle jackets, knife sheaths, and skin-on-frame kayaks.

    Who's buying the bag?
    Since I brought the bag to the forum's attention i've received a lot of interest from riders all over the globe but mostly bags are shipping to the states.

    No stress if this isn't for you I totally get that but the OneWheel is not cheap, has a lot of sensitive electronics on board that need protecting when travelling or just when storing it and my design is based around that protection.

    As I'm travelling more with this bag both for business and pleasure I'm seeing the value of its convenience and capability more and more and in doing so I've become super passionate about it - as I'm sure is evident by this update.

    Anyway enough of me by all means e mail me at with questions, feedback or orders



    Ps. For images of the bag just scroll down this thread

  • For anyone curious..this bag is legit. It just arrived yesterday and is the perfect bag for traveling with the OW. Fits like a glove and has storage inside for a gopro, mount, charger, etc. Build quality is top notch and seems like it'll be able to take a beating. I'll report back after a few months, but I can't see anything going wrong with this.

  • @KeithVlk Glad it's arrived buddy hope it comes in as handy for you as it has for me.

  • Any chance to get one made with blue inside that matched the rails of the board?

  • @jim Hi Jim I'm pretty sure that's no problem at all.

  • Hi I recently recieved this OW bag. I defenetly recomend you to buy one. It has very good quality and it is cery durable. There are no to many OW bags out there but If you are looking for one this is a good option. Thanks Jimmy!

  • @onewheelrider Hey man thanks for the feedback, glad you like it and hope it comes in handy.

  • So heres a little film i've made for the OW bag that is now known as the One Penny Bag:



  • @Jimmers75 Great Product Video. and look at that Fender @njcustom :smile:

  • Awesome bag and great video.

  • I really like this bag it's probably the best one I've seen yet. My only issue is you look like a fairly large guy and it looks big on you so it would probably be huge on me. I'm not sure there's a solution to this considering the onewheel is a large, heavy board. I really like that it had wheels on there too though

  • This bag is perfect! Anyone that needs a bag for travel and can afford it needs to pick it up!! Once again great design @jimmers75

  • @MichaelW Did you get one?

  • No. By far the best bag though... This guy knows what he is doing... I will likely grab one at some point.

  • @MichaelW Appreciate that man I really do. The thought process was exactly that offer OW owners an exceptional travelling accessory that allows you to get more from the OW. So far to date for me, it's done exactly that and then some!

  • hi folks just a quick update to say thanks to those of you have bought the One Penny Bag, thanks to those of you patiently waiting for your bags and thanks to those of you with your questions.

    If your interested in a bag get in contact as the next shipping date is early/mid May.

    Cheers for now

  • Had a few requests for different colour linings and the answer is yes not a problem, the most popular alternative colour is a similar blue to that of the OneWheel but if you have a specific colour in mind then just drop me an e mail at

    Also had a few requests for additional straps, pockets to be added. Again no problem it will cost a little more dependent on what you require but again just ask the question and I'll try and help if I can.


  • @Jimmers75 I think Blue is a Perfect Match. Im saving up for my Bag right now. I'm going to do a video on it.

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