Battery Charging Indicator Stays Blue For Hours?

  • Hi!

    I've had my ultracharger plugged in for a few hours and the charging indicator light is still blue. I thought it was supposed to go green when it was full.

    Is this normal on a new OW (arrived yesterday). I did ride it after a few hours and it was fine, but its been back on charge for a few hours again and still not full.



  • The charge indicator is located on the power brick, not the board. It should be ether green (fully charged or not plugged into the board) or red (charging) It should take 30 min max to fully charge a dead board. I think you are looking at the wrong LED for charging status.

  • The light on the board is always blue. You need to be watching the light on the charger, which goes from red to green when charged.

  • Cool, thanks. I see the right colors now.

    It's not all that obvious from the manual, or from other produce experiences. The light on the brick, in my experience, just means power to the brick is on.

  • hmm... sorry to hijack but my charger doesn't seem to work this way. I was looking at it because I thought I had charged the OW overnight and when I took it out to ride, it was at zero. I had to plug and unplug it a few times to get the charging going.

    Anyways, my charger seems to be red = not plugged into the OW and green = plugged into the OW while charging.. is this a problem?? Definitely I need to check the app that while plugged in the charging is happening...

  • @rainynite plug the board in and then press and hold the power button on the board until the indicator light on the power brick turns from green to red. I do this each time I charge after I learned the hard way that just plugging in does not mean the board is charging. Thankfully though this method is 100% reliable. When the board is plugged in and you make the LED go red, it means you are charging. Green led while plugged in means you are not charging. Not sure if this only happens on some boards and not others but FM has serviced my board twice and this way of charging persists so they must not think its a big problem...nor is it for me now that I know.

  • @emma You really should take the time to read the entire manual. There are other things in there besides this you might find very useful.

  • @J-Glide said:

    lly should take the time

    I did - this is not obvious in the manual.

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