less than a day and its having issues

  • well I got it yesterday afternoon rode it a little charged it overnight went to take off down my driveway this morning and after less than a minute (several yards) it stopped. Now my driveway is a slight down hill to the road but I can't imagine that would be the issue that cause the overcharge. Called tech support and waiting to hear back. Has anyone else experienced this? I have searched the forums and found some similar threads, does this mean I have to ship it back to OW?

  • Carly at OW got back to me this afternoon and after talking she wants me to send it back so they can replace it with a new unit. Not exactly what you want to hear after waiting months for the device but ok she did say that as soon as the have tracking verification they will ship the replacement. I printed the new label, packed it up, dropped it at UPS and sent her verification. 11 minutes later she responded saying she will continue to follow up with me until she sees that the new board has shipped.

  • Ouch, sorry to hear this.

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