Nearly 4500 boards sold. Any predictions on V2 release?

  • My friend got a new OneWheel and it looks like the serial numbers are now in the mid 4000's. This means that we have approximately 4500 boards out there to date. Very exciting! Congrats to future motion as well...

    What do you guys think about Model 2? Coming in the next year? Two years? Will it replace the current board or be a lighter, smaller, reduced range alternative? Better sculpting and look? Lights? Blue tooth speaker?

  • boosted has been around longer, sold many many more boards and they are still on v1 - i highly doubt v2 is anywhere close to hitting the market

  • Congrats to Future Motion! :boom:
    A OW 2.0 would be awesome, like you said, lighter, smaller, reduced range alternative would be awesome.

    But personally I dont think they will release one in the near future. I think they have enough with this one.

  • @simenlier I agree I think it will be another year mostlikly 2 before we hear anything about a V 2.0

  • That puts total sales between $6,000,000 and $7,000,000! Great news for FM and for us! Sounds like capital will not be a limiting factor much longer!

  • I don't see v2 coming out anytime soon. Maybe ( hopefully) battery upgrade and firmware upgrade. BUT THE V2 should improve ( in order of importance

    1. RANGE
    2. Weight
    3. Speed

    If they can ever reach the coveted 20/20 ( 20 mph 20 Mile Range) They will pretty much have a perfect product IMO. They would own the game

  • @DVO I could be wrong, but it seems like if they made the frame out of aluminum instead of steel, that would impact all three categories.

  • @thegreck pretty sure the rails are cnc milled aluminum. I thought they were simply extruded aluminum stock but upon closer examination believe they were cnc milled out of solid aluminum.

  • @ashewheeler Dammit, there goes that theory. Welp, back to the drawing board to invent a better battery.

  • Titanium or carbon could be a gram shedding option. I would probably spend extra $250-500 for titanium or carbon chassis and hub. Especially if board was under 20 lbs.

  • I'm going to bet on a slightly smaller, lighter, less expensive, reduced range, same speed version next. Hopefully more stylish and options for color. I would pay 899-1299 for that and I'm sure a ton of other people would too...

  • @MichaelW A color option would be really nice. Maybe they can make like a thing that it would cost you a few bucks extra to get your own customized color

  • I'm going to guess no v2 for a while. Besides changing the form factor dramatically I don't see how they could make it lighter without losing range. In a survey I posted a while back asking whether speed, weight, or range were most important to improve it seemed like the overalls consensus was range first, then weight, then speed. At this point range improvement would seem to be the easiest thing they could do by just packing on more batteries at the expense of higher weight. An extra 5lbs in batteries could maybe double range and the added weight would be worth it for many since it's already heavy and you normally don't carry it around. Maybe instead of a v2, they come out with the longer range version the is heavier and costs more.

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