Trying not to be rude

  • I love that bystanders love the board so much, but sometimes being stopped from a good ride every 5 minutes is kind of annoying. I don't want to be rude and ignore people that want me to stop and talk about the board, but it would be nice if I could just throw them an information card, and head out. Hahaha.......

    Has anyone else noticed when people will start asking questions about it so fast that you can't even get the answers out before they are asking the next question? It happens all the time to me. LOL

    The number one question I'm asked is if I made it myself. I find that very surprising that so many people would actually wonder that.

  • Agreed it gets exhausting. Turning the lights off during the day draws less attention, but still a lot. Wearing prominent headphones helps and prevents you from looking like a jerk :-)

    My top questions:

    1.) Did you make that/where did you get that
    2.) Is it electric
    3.) Is it hard to balance
    4.) How much does it cost

  • @lynnpreston Yep! all those questions. haha

  • why does everyone think we made them?

  • And, for those who are shocked to find out it has a motor, how do they think we make them move uphill?

    I'm going to start telling people it's powered by telekinesis and to stop breaking my concentration with questions - I might fall and hurt myself. :-D

  • Very common indeed, my top questions are:

    1. Does it have a motor?
    2. Did you build it yourself?
    3. What is that?
    4. Where did you get it?

    Followed of course by how it works, how much it costs, and (rarely) if they can try it out.
    I've actually never denied anyone to try it out, probably should though.

  • @lynnpreston I want to ride it on a breezy day with an umbrella out in front of me, and pretend the wind is pushing me uphill. haha........:joy:

  • LOL
    I wear sunglasses so I don't make eye contact ;)
    I wear headphones so I don't hear them :o
    And I hand out those handy dandy Onewheel cards when I do get ambushed
    I get stopped a lot and I do answer any and all the questions asked. I don't mind it anymore because when I do need my stoke I just put on my shades and headphones.
    I've tried that 'umbrella on a windy day' and I'll just say it doesn't work too well. I'm glad the gopro ran out of batteries that attempt.

  • I'm normally not riding in overly populated areas but when people see me their is normally a good amount of whiplash, intense staring, and questions. It's almost like they are seeing something out of science fiction and are blown away that it is real.

    I normally try to mind my own business with the casual hi and most just say hello back without stopping me though you can tell they want to know what the heck you are riding.

    Doesn't bother me at all to stop and fill people in. It's a good conversation piece and it will be a little sad a year from now when I won't be the only person around with this amazing product.

  • I get all the time (maybe because I'm in Los Angeles) "Wow! When are you gonna get this thing to market?" Lol... The other thing I think is funny is how some people think you would be crazy to pay $1500 for something like this and others say "thats about right". People are all over the map on whether its worth the money. I think after you own one you get why they are worth it.

  • When I don't feel like talking to people about it I just answer their question with "SkateFirst dot com"

  • always get those same questions

    did you make that? yes, i am a super genius engineer with a fully operational machine shop and infinite resources... people simply have no faith in capitalism.

    is it motorized? now i'm no mathmagician but given the laws of say, physics; how exactly would it work without a motor? like as if a non motorized version of the onewheel worked but no one had ever thought to put a wheel in the middle of a board before.

    is it hard to balance? actually a legit question; this one doesn't really bug me

    how much does it cost? i always say too much but they're gonna get cheaper as they move into mass prodocution.

  • My favorite answer to the "How much does it cost" question is "More than I wanted to pay, but less than it's worth."

  • @lynnpreston stealing your how much response!

    "How does it work, does it have a motor?" My response since I was annoyed with these rude people already, "Yes, it has a motor. I'm not Harry Potter and have magic to make boards float."

    Think that's the only times it has bugged me so far, besides an SUV almost hitting me because they were trying to figure out what I was on.

  • I totally empathize. Before I got my Onewheel, my wife warned me about the fact that I'll be the center of attention when riding around and will not be left alone. I don't think I've ever been out for a ride during the day and not been asked at least one question (in addition to all the stares and people taking pics and vids on their phones). The worst thing is knowing that if you wipe-out, there will be at least a handful of people that will have seen it happen.

    When I'm feeling less social, I wear sunglasses and put my earbuds in (even if I'm not listening to anything).

    The most common questions I get:

    1. Is that electric/is there a motor in that?
    2. Did you make it?
    3. How much is it?
    4. Where can I get one?

    Also, very common for people to say to me: "I've seen quite a few of those single-wheel motorized unicycles around, but I've never seen one of those." This is likely because the self-balancing unicycles are getting popular here in London.

    I REALLY hope that Onewheels become more popular over here so that I can become anonymous again when out in public.

  • Im going to carry around personal business cards ( Furniture store) and hand them out to anyone that stops to ask me questions.
    This just became a business expense.

  • I do that with my business as well (SkateFirst, LLC) I also hand out stickers and sometimes a T-Shirt or two.

  • My favorite bystander question so far was from a group of small kids who asked their adult-in-charge to ask if I was standing on "solar panels". Re: handing out cards, if people want it, they will find it. On the other hand, right now everyone who owns a OneWheel represents the OneWheel, so let's do a good job of that, people! Look sharp, be nice.

    Always Be Closing

    1. Did you make that?
    2. Is it electric?
    3. Where did you get it?
    4. How much does it cost? (usually they faint when told)

    Rarely: Is it solar powered? (Does solar=magic for these people?)
    Very rarely: Can I try it? (Yes, you need to sign this injury/death waiver and put down a $1500 deposit against damage)

  • Haha! Yeah, a lot do ask if I made it. It usually goes,

    What is that called?
    How does it work?
    Where did you get it?

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