Funny story for the night

  • So a buddy and I decided to ride out for the night. We came to a nearby park, rode all over the smooth pavement along the bay, then tore up the open grass field. Going up and down the grassy hills, twas one of my first times really riding on that type of "rough" terrain and man it was fun!
    Felt like I was surfing on grassy waves-

    Anyways long story short all went well and after the batteries dried up I lifted my board over my head in a celebratory salute and caught a whiff of some nasty shit....LITERALLY. I looked under the board to find a nice little turd smudge jammed up all between the tire and the foot pad gap.

    SON OF A BITCH I yelled instantly, just picturing the moment I must've rode over a heaping pile. Knowing damn well it caught up between my tire and the fender, only spreading deeper and deeper each tire revolution!

    I rushed home, unscrewed the fender and well....


    I mean EVERYWHERE!! All over the Screws, dug into each nook and cranny of this man made shit crushing machine.
    Keep in mind I live in an apt complex so there's no hose or garage I can power wash and ring this bad boy out to dry lol...

    So baby wipe after baby wipe, ounce after ounce of Clorox I went at it. I kept wishing I had some sort of power washer - my mind instantly thought- wait a minute! I have one of those electric water picks for flossing my teeth! I'll just use that for those hard to reach places...

    WHYYYYY!!! Did I do that?!?! - that shit hit the shit, sprayed the shit all over my damn bathroom and face haha I'm there now smelling like dog shit and just laughing cause some how in my head this was going to work out in my favor...

    Anyways! That was my story for tonight's awesome ride which ended in a messy situation:)

    If you have a dog and don't pick up his shit... I will find you

  • @braswell Holy shit!

  • @SC720 was some unholy shit if you ask me lol... That dog had some serious woof!

  • Ha Ha Ha..... Shit thats funny Man. I am sorry this happened to you. But you just made me Laugh so damn hard. Made my night. PS: I always cary poop bags and pick up after my dogs.

  • @braswell haha. If I cover a "hoverboard" in shit and plug it in at your doorstep would you end up stomping on it?

  • well thats a real shitty story !!!!

  • I'm so sorry to hear your shit story @braswell! Maybe these stories will help you feel better.

  • Sounds like you could use a magnetic fender ;)

  • Pics or it didn't happen.

    Just kidding. Please don't post pics.

  • Definitely not fun at all. I can only imagine how things got worse and worse and worse.

  • @njcustom haha I won't lie, I did wonder how a magnetic fender would have helped in this situation ;) BUT I think running over shit would have still resulted in this shitty situation 😭 You would have saved me the hassle of unscrewing :)

    If you decide to create a carbon fiber pooper scooper/deflector then I'll be the first on the list!

  • @forzabucks basically this ... lol 0_1454366165488_topshots-rebel-fighters-cover-f135-diaporama.jpg

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