@duc809 said in Problem switching to flat bottom shoes: I finally got around to getting some Vans Classic slip-ons. I originally was wearing running shoes and had no problems. With the Vans, when I mount the board and press my foot forward like usual, the board often cuts off and I end up on the front bumper as the OW shuts off. This is leading me to believe I am not engaging either sensor sometimes since I have not reached .5 mph. If I can get past .5 mph, everything seems fine but I am concerned these shoes are not engaging the sensors very well. If I switch back to running shoes I have no problems starting out. When I look at the Vans, they are actually slightly concave in the middle. I realize this is opposite of advice given but I can't figure this out..Any ideas on this issue? That's weird because with Vans being so flat, i would think that it would be hard NOT to trigger both sides of the sensor. When I wear my Vans, it feels like the board is glued to my feet, which is not how it feels with my other shoes. Hope you figure it out.