@kammadam Agree on the confidence shaking . . . I had to ride home the last half mile or so after I had a nose dive at 21 mph, all bloody and scraped up. After that, it was weeks before I had the courage to get back on. While that was my fault (you can read about it in my posts), it was quite disheartening. Some 2500 miles later, I've kept the speed down around 14/15 mph and even wear a watch so I can validate that speed. I am a fan of the fangs, even though I'm sure they would have done nothing in my high speed crash. They have saved me twice, but only on low speed over acceleration situations. All that said, even after some 3000+ miles on my + and XR combined, the issue you're having would give me pause. Hopefully they can find out what's wrong with your board as I haven't heard of this happening to many people, unless they are going fast, going up hill, over accelerating, hitting a bump, etc. I love my OWs and the places they take me no other board can go. Hopefully your confidence will come back if/when they fix your board.