@FCH said in I am ok never crashing... :):

Ordered skate pads but what about motorcycle gear? Anyone consider it?

I have a moto helmet that has a full face visor (but no chin guard). It's made me a lot more comfortable riding at higher speeds. The full face visor is also super nice, leaves my peripheral vision intact and protects me from dust, insects, ... DOT certification certainly gives me added peace of mind. I wouldn't recommend anything with a chin guard as it'd prevent you from seeing your feet.

I had a mild concussion falling at 25mph wearing a snowboard helmet. I don't want that to happen again.

Only times I use a skate helmet is when I plan to stay below pushback territory. Otherwise I feel as adequately protected as this man:
bread helmet

Also moto jackets will prevent many scratches and some have built-in armor. I feel like it'd actually work really well if you're really worried of high-speed spills...