@sdaiberl I have had a similar issue. I was cruising in mission mode, having a blast carving big turns at 12-13 mph on my +XR. Board shut down completely and would not power up again. I was thrown to the pavement and if I had not been wearing protective gear I would’ve definitely broke a wrist. Screwed up my shoulder pretty good. Had to carry it 3 miles back to my truck. Took four days on the charger before the board would power up again and the odometer was set to zero. Sent to future motion and they claim to have replaced the control module. The entire process took about 3 weeks and I am only one day shipping from San Jose. I have not ridden it since I got it back and I’m not sure I want to get on it again and risk another power failure and asphalt slam. Future Motion is very careful not to confirm there is any type of power failure issue. Their responses were always “sorry you are having problems” Without going into any detail. I think they know they have some liability issues. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and I’m trying to get a refund. If that doesn’t happen I assume I’ll sell it. Only 65 miles on it. Very disappointing!