@Wings26 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xgiyjj7c9Bo&t=383s Here's a video of the braille team playing with a V2 or V3 which is noticeably more powerful than a V1. This video may give you a little insight into the limits of riding up a hill as they push its limits up a ramp several times in this video. Grass will slow you down further so you may have some problems. For reference, think about how much additional effort it takes to push a wheelbarrow on grass rather than concrete. Also, grass can cut your range in half. If the V1 is rated for 5-7 miles, you can expect 2-3 minus battery degradation in grass. Additionally, the golf bag may get in the way of run off counter rotation. Normally we ride with our forward arm backside and our rear arm frontside as well as our shoulders rotated towards the front of the board. This allows us to slap our rear shoulder with our forward hand, swing our rear arm backside and counter rotate with our shoulders in order to align our body to a running position in the event of a nosedive. Loose items that do not rotate with our upper body siphon some of this force. A backpack that is tight and secure isn't too bad, but if there's any give in your golf bag, some of that force will be transferred to the bag rather than to your lower body. You may no longer be able to counter rotate and runoff at 12+ mph but may be limited to somewhere around 8 mph under such conditions. If you ride 8+ mph, you may find yourself face-planting on most of your nosedives. Wow, I realize all that is a downer. I'm sorry about that. Hopefully it gives you something to think about though :) And hopefully, my wording is more bleak than reality. Good luck with your purchase. I hope you buy one anyways. Cheers.